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Blog Shift

Message of The Day

Dear supporters,

Thank you for your support all this years. With a heavy heart, I had decided to shift out of blogger and it's free hosting. I had many wonderful years at blogger network but it was time for me to move on.

My blog would be shifted to a paid hosting @ http://motd.escrito.info Please continue to support me at my new blog.

Thank you all once again.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers...

The Ah Beng Way

I Had Signed Up with Adverlets, Have you?

After trying out different ways of earning money through placing ads on my blogs, I’ve finally settled down on Adverlets. I was with other internet advertising network previously but none of them were helping me to earn that extra cash as fast as Adverlets.

Why I liked Advertlets?
Advertisements were placed onto my blog the very next day after I had signed up with them. How fast could they get? As the saying goes, “time is money.” The faster the advertisements appeared on my blog, the faster it is to earning that first dollar from Adverlets. This clearly separated Adverlets from other internet advertising network which spent time collecting unique visitors’ hits before deciding if they want to place their clients’ advertisements onto your blog.

Even if you had a huge reader base, it did not necessary mean that ads would be placed into your blog. With Adverlets, the advertisements appear instantly with or without a huge reader base.

So advertisements had started to appear on your blog. What next?

To start earning that first dollar, you had to know some basic terminologies.

• Cost per Click (CPC) – advertisers would be charged according to the number of clicks by viewers
• Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM) – advertisers would be charged for every thousand times the advertisement was shown.
• Geolocation – target audience based on location. If you knew where your visitors were from, you could provide them with relevant content based on their location.
• Demographics - Data collected from our poll widget on the socioeconomic groups, characterized by age, income, sex, education, occupation, etc., of your blog or site.
• Impressions - A single instance of an online advertisement being displayed.

As they said, “knowledge is power.” After signing up with Adverlets, you would be all set for that first dollar.

If you had read this and did not sign up for it yet, sign up right here! “Time is money!”

Li Hong Yi Saga - Harry Potter's Style

What if Harry Potter decided to lodge a complaint against the Ministry of Magic? How would the complain letter looked like?

I was blog jumping the other day and came across this interesting article. Maybe this would be how it looked liked.

Harry Potter and the Letter of Complaint
Business Times - off the cuff

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TO: The Ministry of Magic, Department of the Dark Arts.

CC: All in Hogwarts; All in centaur colony in the Dark Forest; All the giants (at least the ones who can read English).

Re: A complaint about the quality control of Wizarding Officers

Dear Sirs and All,

I am about to disrupt my education at Hogwarts in order to find the Deathly Hallows and launch into a fight to the finish with You-Know-Who, so this may well be my last e-mail sent to you, depending on my fate, which will not be known until tomorrow morning at Borders at 7:01 am. Hopefully, I will come away with only a stern warning.

I am using this last opportunity to issue a letter of complaint about the quality of officers in the wizarding department, especially over the control of He-Who- Must-Not-Be-Named, who has gone missing for 14 years and whose method of transportation during those incidents has yet to be ascertained. Some say he travels by portkey, but others say he uses a Mitsubishi Lancer.

Anyway, I have reported many times that he has gone missing - and sometimes I think he does it to annoy me because he always sneaks back and tries to kill me - but the officials in charge do not seem to want to do anything about it.

In fact, they do not even want to find him and seem to me to be almost afraid of bringing him to justice. This leads some to believe that he is a half-blood princeling who is able to come and go whenever he pleases.

Unfortunately, because I have brought this issue to light, I am accused of being a tattle-tale taking full advantage of the fact that I am Hogwarts principal Dumbledore’s favourite student ever.

Because of their ill-feeling towards my perceived hallowed status, they have run gleeful stories about me in the Daily Prophet, implying that I am a hoity-toity smug know-it-all. I feel that this is not fair, especially considering that I am being named while You-Know-Who remains blissfully unexposed. He is a danger to us, and threatens the very foundation upon which our society is built on.

He wants power, which in itself is really not a bad thing if you ask me, but he does it in a rather sneaky way which reminds me of other developing countries which-shall- not-be-named, but that’s another story.

So, you leave me no choice but to go after him on my own, on my Nimbus 2000 broomstick. And when I find him I am going to take him down, even if it leads to the death of more than two people whose identities again will not be known until after tomorrow.

Of course, all this leads to the inevitable question of what happens to me. Will I be killed? Will I kill You-Know-Who before he gets a chance to run off without permission again? Because I really feel like killing him. Will he take my car this time? Will my loyal followers be killed too? Will I ride off into the sunset on the back of a centaur? Will I return many years later, appointed to the wizards’ council? Will I spend my retirement years investigating letters of complaint like this?

Be patient. Come this time tomorrow, all will be revealed. Chances are the anticipation will be more exciting than the actual result but never mind. I’m not complaining.

Sincerely yours,

Harry Potter

Interesting right? Wish I had this talent in writing.

I Am An Ah Beng And I Love My Country

Found this video on Youtube. Quite interesting in its own way. It never fail to amuse me how talented people will be when it comes to complaining about something.

Some parts are kind of racist and vulgar. If you think you would be offended then please do not start the video.

This reminds me another video by Hossan Leong - Talking Cock in Parliment. They are both doing the same thing. The only difference, 1 with style the other, with ah beng style.

Enjoy the show.

USD$2 Just to Blog this

It's tough to make a living in Singapore without having to live from pay cheque to pay cheque. As I was surfing teeming's blog, I came across this blog entry.

This guy, Pedro Sardinha is offering USD$2 for posting his free ebook "Your Easy List". It's so simple to earn that USD$2. Just visit his blog entry for instructions.

Since I got a free ebook to read and some extra USD$2 for fries, might as well share it with everyone. Personally, I had not read the book. Maybe I should sit down and read it after I finish reading the last book on Harry Potter.

Here's the url for the ebook =>


So guys/gals, do take a look!

Updating of Template

Sorry Guys/Gals,

I'm still in the proccess of updating my blog's template. Everything is haywired at the moment. Will get it done when I get home from work tomorrow.

Resident Evil 3 Extinction


The final installment of the popular game Resident Evil is finally here. It's going to be release on 21 Sept 07 in the US first. It's going to be on the cinema on 11th October 2007 for Singapore. From the trailer I don't think it's going to be as good as the previous two movies. I just hope this final installment will have a ending.

Alice, now in hiding in the Nevada desert, once again joins forces with Carlos Olivera and L.J., along with new survivors Claire, K-Mart and Nurse Betty to try to eliminate the deadly virus that threatens to make every human being undead...and to seek justice. Since being captured by the Umbrella Corporation, Alice has been subjected to biogenic experimentation and becomes genetically altered, with super-human strengths, senses and dexterity. These skills, and more, will be needed if anyone is to remain alive.

P/S: Resource comes from Yahoo and Youtube

Leopard Never Change It's Spots


A leopard will never change it's spot. How true this was.

When Taiwan frees 11,000 prisoners under clemency order, how many of them could stay free of crimes? No doubt it's to ease the overcrowding in prison but were they ready to be accepted back to the society? After being jailed for so long were they ready to accept the changes in the society?

Apparently not. 200 of the 11,000 was send back to jail a day after their released. Guess they weren't quite ready for it yet.

Nearly half of the 11,000 were jailed for drug related crimes, followed by theft and fraud. Instead of setting them free, jailing them at home might be a better solution. Their movements were restricted. Mixing with their old associates were limited.

Time and time again, this saying had being proven to be the truth. No matter what ever promise they had taken, a leopard would never change it's spots. They would go back to their old ways after a day or two. Just like someone I know.

Traffic Accidents in Our Daily Life

Whenever I turn on the radio or read the newspapers, there's bound to be reports of traffic accidents somewhere in Singapore. People were risking their lives whenever they travel. This made me wonder if road users knew what to do when a traffic accident happened?

It was a taboo topic not taught in the driving center. Even if the instructor did go through, the topic was not covered in detail. More time was spend teaching me how to recognise that road sign.

After I got my first bike, the insurance company did send me a big stack of papers to read through. This topic was being touched on but how many of us really did read through all that? It's a huge stack!

Here's a summary which I found it useful. The article was taken from The Automobile Association of Singapore. Basically it sums up everything.

Having lived through a traffic accident, knowing what to do really made a difference.